2021 ACAP 4th Annual Science Fair – Open Registration

The ACAP Science Fair, sponsored by the Association of Chinese American Physicians
(ACAP), is an annual nationwide research/scientific competition in the Biomedical field for
middle and high school students.


The ACAP Science Fair is open to students conducting research in the following fields: biology, microbiology, immunology,, physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, toxicology, and other medical specialties.
Participants are asked to submit their research results to the ACAP Science Fair committee
to compete for prizes.

These rules and regulations are developed to provide the guidelines for the submission of
application documents, compliance with relevant governmental rules and laws to protect
the rights and welfare of the student, researcher, and human subjects, to protect the
health and well-being of vertebrate animal subjects, to address environmental concerns,
and to support safe laboratory practices. It also provides the timeline and detail
information regarding the selection of finalists.

Students and sponsoring teachers/researchers should take the time to carefully review all the guidelines. Prior to submitting the application, and be aware of the application deadline, and/or event dates. Any questions or concerns should be directed to ACAP staff by emailing admin@acaponline.org.