Donation to ACAP

Please support ACAP and our mission with a generous donation – either with online payment or write a check to Association of Chinese American Physicians USA, Inc and mail it to our office (Association of Chinese American Physicians  131-07 40th Road, Suite E32  Flushing, NY 11354) 

The Novel Corona Virus 2019 is pandemic in the United States. New York State and New York City are the epicenter of the disease. There is a serious shortage of personal protective equipment in this fight. Since March 20, the Association of Chinese American Physicians (ACAP) has launched an “ACAP COVID-19 Response Efforts” to assist New York City Physicians.

Read more about our COVID-19 Response Efforts Here.

If you are willing to help, please make a donation (indicate “COVID-19” in the notes).

ACAP is a non-profit organization (501c) and your donations are tax-exempt. We guarantee that all donations will be used to purchase medical supplies and ship them to hospitals, test centers and clinics.