Observership Program

Due to COVID-19, observership program is not accepting any application. We recommend anyone who is interested in this program to fill out the registration form below. Once program is resumed, we will notify you by email. Thank you for your understanding!

Hospital Observership Guidelines

  1.  Observership is a full-time program which runs for 4 weeks and starts on first Monday of each month.
  2.  Each candidate is only allowed for one Observership (4 weeks).
  3.  All communications must be facilitated through ACAP ( at all times. Please do not contact the hospital directly.
  4.  Candidate must have either a Green Card, EAD or US citizenship. (If you do not meet this requirement, read about ACAP Outpatient Observership below.)
  5.  ECFMG certificate is preferred.
  6.  An active ACAP membership is required at the time of online registration.
  7.  After online registration is received, ACAP administrator will contact the candidate regarding specialty and start date.
    You will be asked to complete Clinical Observership Processing form and also send in a copy of your CV.
  8.  An email confirmation will be sent from the Hospital once start date/specialty is approved.
    Observership start date & specialty can NOT be changed once approved.
  9.  After receiving email confirmation from the Hospital, candidate is required to pay a non-refundable administrative fee of $500.
  10.  Admin fee is ONLY refundable if ACAP cannot fill a spot for candidate.
  11.  If for some reason, candidate cannot come to Observership as scheduled, please contact ACAP administrator as soon as possible.
    Admin fee is NOT refundable.
  12.  Candidate will be required to complete Volunteer Services Application, Occupational Health Form, Drug Screening Test, and meet
    with the OHS and Volunteer Department before starting Observership.
    It usually takes about 4-6 weeks to complete all requirements, so please plan accordingly and do not miss the start date of the Observership.

Code of Conduct

  1.  Observer is expected to stay with the team assigned to him/her on a full-time basis and demonstrate a high level of professionalism.
  2.  Observer is expected to treat the opportunity sincerely and maintain a positive image of ACAP.
  3.  Observer should NOT provide translation for patients unless he/she is approved by the Language Assistance Department of the hospital.
To check the status of your Observership program application, please send email to
ACAP Outpatient Observership

ACAP Outpatient Observership is established by the Association of Chinese American Physicians to assist Chinese medical graduates (CMGs) who wish to observe clinical practice in a U.S. setting. This program is designed to acculturate CMGs to American medical practices and help to prepare them for residency.

Observers will be accepted year-round and on the rolling basis depending on the availability of preceptors. By the end of the observership, CMGs will have the opportunity to evaluate the program. The CMGs will also receive evaluation by the preceptor and a certificate of completion from ACAP after completing 40 hours of observership.

Download Outpatient Observership Packet