CANCELLED – Health Talk on Hypertension in the Elderly 健康教育讲座《老年人高血壓》

Please note, this event has been cancelled. 特别通知本活动因故取消

Hypertension in the Elderly 老年人高血壓

法拉盛圖書館 三樓會議室  Flushing Library 3rd Fl. Conference Room

週一 11月18日 上午 10:30  Monday November 18th 10:30am

Hypertension is often called the “silent killer” because most people have no signs or symptoms. Come and join a talk by Dr. Wei Liu from Association of Chinese American Physicians to learn common risk factors and treatment of Hypertension in the elderly.

高血壓通常被稱為 “無聲殺手”, 因為大多數患者沒有任何症狀。欢迎來參加美國華人醫師會劉偉医师的講座, 瞭解老年人高血壓的常見危險因素和治療方法。