Congratulations to ACAP memebers accepted into residency program

Congratulations to the following ACAP members who were successfully matched this year!

Dr. Kaili Du, Dr. Rong Fan, Dr. Yinan Hua, Dr. Xian Huang, Dr. Cuiping Li, Dr. Amanda Lu, Dr. Anqi Luo, Dr. Chenxi Wu, Dr. Shuo Xu, Dr. Huan Yang, Dr. Haibin Zhang, Dr. Mingxu Zhang, Dr. Yingying Zheng

ACAP helps Chinese Medical Graduates (CMGs), medical school students, and high school students with their career planning via annual Mock Interview, hospital observership, outpatient observership and career development seminars. Contact our office at or call 718-321-8798 to learn more about these programs.