ACAP Member Dr. Alan C. Yao pledged a $1M gift to CUNY School of Medicine

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ACAP member Dr. Alan C. Yao gave back to the community and his school – CUNY School of Medicine. On December 14, 2018, Dr. Alan C. Yao from the Class of 1992 pledged a $1M gift to CSOM. Full Article

“Many of us came to America with a dream and an near empty wallet. We worked diligently in our schools and residency trainings. Now, we are still working relentlessly for our careers, families and communities. Many are beginning to give back by fighting for our Chinese American interests and equality in this great but somewhat unequal society. Some are giving back to our communities and to our schools. My family and I are very proud that Dr Alan Yao had pledged to contribute $1 million to his Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Program(BS/MD) as his appreciation to his school for giving him an opportunity to excel and to serve.” – From Dr. Alan Yao and wife Dr. Ellen Liang