ACAP COVID-19 Response Efforts 4/14 update 医疗物资募捐

Dear Friends:

The Novel Corona Virus 2019 is pandemic in the United States. New York State and New York City is the epicenter of the disease. There is a serious shortage of personal protective equipment in this fight. Since March 20, the Association of Chinese American Physicians (ACAP) has launched an “ACAP COVID-19 Response Efforts” to assist New York City Physicians.

Thanks to Congressman Grace Meng, New York State Assemblymember Ron Kim, and New York City Council member Peter Koo for their support!

As of April 14, we have Monetary Donation: $157,539.32Medical Supplies Purchased: $181,083.49. It is your generosity made it possible for us to deliver supplies for urgent need. We are united at the front of this difficult time. And we’re going to get through it because we are New York.

Again, ACAP would like to thank all of you for your kind donation.

Donation Summary 4/14/2020


感谢国会议员 Grace Meng, 纽约州议员 Ron Kim 和纽约市议员 Peter Koo 对我们活动的大力支持!

3 月 20 日中午,美国华人医师会发起援助纽约的活动,截止至 4 月 14 日我们实收现金总额: $157,539.32。总共购买物资总额:$ 181083.49。 在过去的一周,纽约迎来了疫情的顶峰。在大家的努力下,我们已捐赠的单位从开始的个位数,增加到 了三十多个。随着越来越高效和方便的检测手段的问世,我们看到了一丝曙光。黎明前是最煎熬的,只 要我们保持乐观的心态、对未来充满希望,没有走不出的黑暗,没有过不去的困难。