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What are the Chinese Exclusion Laws?      Posted November 29, 2011

What are the Chinese Exclusion Laws?

The Chinese Exclusion Laws involved legislation Congress passed between 1879 and 1904 that explicitly discriminated against persons of Chinese descent based on race.

The laws imposed increasingly severe restrictions on immigration and naturalization. Congress repealed the laws as a wartime measure in 1943,

without any express acknowledgement that the laws violated fundamental civil rights.

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Appeals Court Voids Lower-Court Ruling Against Individual Mandate – Medscape Medical News      Posted September 9, 2011

From Medscape Medical News

Appeals Court Voids Lower-Court Ruling Against Individual Mandate

Robert Lowes

September 8, 2011 — Citing technical grounds, a federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia, today tossed out a lower-court decision that declared the healthcare reform requirement to obtain insurance coverage unconstitutional.

Today’s decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth District in Richmond vacated a ruling by US District Court Judge Henry Hudson, also in Richmond, who said that the individual mandate “would invite unbridled exercise of federal police powers.” In a unanimous decision by a 3-judge panel, the appeals court stated that the state of Virginia, which was the plaintiff in the case, lacked legal standing to bring its suit. The appeals court did not rule on whether the individual mandate was constitutional or not. Continue reading

Congress Passes Debt Deal; Could Reduce Medicare Payments – Medscape Medical News      Posted September 8, 2011

From Medscape Medical News

Congress Passes Debt Deal; Could Reduce Medicare Payments

Robert Lowes

August 2, 2011 — With a 74 to 26 vote by the Senate today, a contentious Congress finally passed a bill that both shrinks federal spending and raises the $14.3 trillion federal debt ceiling, just in time to beat an August 2 deadline and avert a catastrophic government default.

The House did its part yesterday by approving the bill 269-161 in a grudging bipartisan vote, with Democrats unhappy that envisioned spending cuts topping $2 trillion were not accompanied by any tax increases, which Republicans vehemently opposed. Next comes the expected signature of President Barack Obama, who had crafted the measure with congressional leaders.

The agreement may calm the financial markets by maintaining the credit worthiness of Uncle Sam, but it is troubling physicians and hospital executives, who could see their Medicare reimbursements trimmed in the process. Those potential cuts would come at a time when providers already face other major Medicare reductions. Continue reading

Lawsuit Targets Medicare Pay ‘Bias’ Toward Specialists – Medscape Medical News      Posted September 8, 2011

Lawsuit Targets Medicare Pay ‘Bias’ Toward Specialists

Robert Lowes

August 10, 2011 — Six family physicians in Georgia have accused the Medicare program in a federal lawsuit of illegally relying on a committee of the American Medical Association (AMA), which they hold responsible for paltry reimbursement rates for primary care physicians and inflated ones for proceduralists.

The lawsuit, filed this week in a US district court in Maryland, is the latest sign of a long-standing rift between primary care clinicians and specialists over Medicare compensation. The professional feud has been obscured recently by organized medicine’s united efforts to replace the sustainable growth rate formula that Medicare uses to set physician pay.

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Quality of care need time spend with patients      Posted August 23, 2011

Quality of care need time spend with patients, only works well in the pay for value not pay for volumn healthcare deliverry system.

Article From Medscape Business of Medicine

Rebuttal: Concierge Practice Is a Doctor’s Right

Leslie Kane, MA; Bernard Kaminetsky, MD

Editor’s Note:

Medscape’s recent video commentary by ethicist Arthur Caplan, PhD, “Concierge Practice: Unjust for Patients and Doctors Alike,” provoked a flood of heated responses. To present the contrasting point of view, Medscape interviewed Bernard Kaminetsky, MD, board certified in internal medicine and nephrology.

Dr. Kaminetsky is the Medical Director of MDVIP, a company with a national network of primary care physicians who provide personalized care, focusing on wellness and prevention, and use a concierge-type model. Dr. Kaminetsky was a founding partner in a primary care practice based in Boca Raton, Florida. In 2001, he transitioned his practice to the MDVIP model. He recently left his primary care practice to serve as the national representative for MDVIP. Dr. Kaminetsky has testified before the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress on the importance of wellness and prevention. He is a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a former assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine.

Medscape: In a concierge medical practice, doctors generally charge an annual access fee, have a smaller number of patients, and spend more time with each patient. Some have said that this is unjust or unfair, particularly given the shortage of primary care doctors. How would you respond to that?

Dr. Kaminetsky: Let’s look at it from the patient’s perspective: Is it fair for patients to have an experience — as is common in conventional practice — where visits are very short and doctors are essentially reactive to acute problems because they have very little time for prevention and wellness? And the doctor knowingly is neglecting his or her ability to spend the time necessary with the patient to actually prevent the heart disease or diabetes from forming because there simply isn’t time. Is that fair to patients? Continue reading

Practice Related Services For MSSNY Members      Posted July 5, 2011

To learn more about MSSNY member benefits,
contact Karen Mauceri by email:, or by phone: 800-523-4405 X 424.

Not a member?
Join online at or call 1-800-523-4405 x 403 to request an application.

For details about the services from MSSNY

please click the link to read

What Is The Value of Representation?      Posted July 5, 2011


What Is The Value of Representation?

Every physician has a stake in the representational activities of the medical societies.
Some issues will affect you more directly than others. It may not be your specialty that needs support this year, but you’ll want MSSNY and your county medical society to be strong
when you need them.

Salaried physicians are not immune: Terms and conditions offered by employers reflect the conditions experienced by private practitioners. We are ALL in this together.
Continue reading

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The newest member of Flushing Hospital's surgical team has been described as world renowned and revolutionary in the field of minimally invasive surgery. This prestigious new member of the team also needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

The Da Vinci robotic surgical platform is now at Flushing Hospital, offering our patients the most technologically advanced surgical system in the entire region.

Robotic surgery has been available for a number of years and offers patients many benefits, including minimal pain, faster recovery time, less blood loss, and shorter hospital stays. What makes Fl ushing Hospital's robotic platform so exciti ng, however, is the new single-site robotic capabilities it offers.

Flushing Hospital is planning a "Robot Week" where employees and community members will have an opportunity to meet and name Da Vinci in the near future.